About Us

Michael and Jane have been passionately involved in mining, cutting, marketing, and jewellery making of Australian Sapphires for more than 26 years. Originally from Sydney, Michael and Jane moved to Rubyvale in 1986 and began successfully mining. Jane had learnt to cut gemstones as a teenager at Beecroft Lapidary Club and had an early appreciation of Gems. Michael also had a desire of all things mineral and studied Gemmology receiving high distinctions and NSW Trustees award and Blinman Prize.

Taylors Fine Sapphaires Store About UsIn the early years at Rubyvale, mining dominated with the best stones retained for Jane’s cutting and the bulk being sold to ‘Thai buyers’. The gems that were cut by Jane were set in distinctive Jewellery and marketed throughout Queensland and NSW.

As the mining became uneconomical Michael moved more into gemological and valuing work motivated by Australian Sapphires. Jane continued as a Master Gem Cutter and has worked with the same talented Jewellers and Goldsmiths since the beginning to create a quality selection of fine Jewellery. Their collection is for lovers of Gems and Jewellery.

Michael and Jane built their ‘billy boulder’ house and shop on 3 acres of freehold land at the northern side of Rubyvale. In 1999 they opened their 4 star accommodation – Rubyvale Motel and Holiday Units – for guests travelling the Outback who desire a unique quality bush experience. Rubyvale Motel & Holiday Units

Sapphire Rings are our passion! Locally mined & facetted and working with Australian jewellery designers we provide you with the best quality for price.



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